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Butte County - Oroville Dam - Disaster Response / Planning Waiting List Only
  Speaker(s): Sheriff Kory Honea, Butte County Sheriff's Office & Lead Public Safety Dispatcher Jennifer Honea, Butte County Sheriff's Office  (Click name for Bio)
0900-1045 on 09/08/2017
  Description: On February 12, 2017, facing the prospect of a catastrophic failure of the Dam's emergency spillway, Sheriff Honea ordered the evacuation of thousands of people, whose lives were in danger. During this presentation, Sheriff Honea and Lead Dispatcher Jennifer Honea will discuss the events that led up to the evacuation, the challenges encountered during the evacuation and the lessons learned from the event.
Mass Care Services - Strengthening Local Government Response 198 of 200 Seats Filled
  Speaker(s): Lieutenant Bill Fogarty, San Mateo County & Corinne Bartshire, Bay Area UASI Management Team & Tara Heller, California Department of Social Services & Nick Howe, California Department of Social Services  (Click name for Bio)
1100-1145 on 09/08/2017
  Description: Local government's fundamental responsibilities for the safety and security of its residents and visitors, includes emergency feeding and sheltering following a disaster. A successful care and shelter operation requires seamless coordination and cooperation from a variety of public, private, and non-profit organizations. Attend this session to: (1) Understand the challenges and partnerships involved with carrying out these services. (2) Hear how Bay Area jurisdictions are improving their plans and training programs to better serve their communities. (3) Learn how to provide for individuals with access and functional needs and local government's liability related to sheltering these vulnerable populations.
Pulse Night Club Shooting, Orlando, Florida Waiting List Only
  Speaker(s): Captain Mark Canty, Orlando Police Department & Lieutenant Scott Smith, Orlando Police Department  (Click name for Bio)
1300-1445 on 09/08/2017
  Description: On June 12, 2016, the City of Orlando experienced the worst active shooter incident in United States history. This debrief will explore the response by the Orlando Police Department and surrounding agencies. It will detail how this tragedy quickly changed from an active shooter to a barricaded gunman to a hostage rescue and finally to a terrorist event. It will provide insight into the tactical response and the decisions that had to be made to save the surviving victims. You will learn how the City of Orlando came together to heal and rebound from this tragic event.
Rescue Task Force 202 of 250 Seats Filled
  Speaker(s): Staff Battalion Chief Douglas Young, Santa Clara Fire Department & Lieutenant Marc Lehman, CERT/SWAT Commander Santa Clara Sheriff's Office  (Click name for Bio)
1500-1545 on 09/08/2017
  Description: This presentation is for managers who either have not started their own Active Shooter Program or are exploring methods to manage the training of their current program. The ability to start and deliver an Active Shooter Training Program can be challenging. Leveraging current programs that fit your department's needs and the needs of your adjoining agencies is the key for success.
Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire, Oakland, California 224 of 250 Seats Filled
  Speaker(s): Captain Melanie Ditzenberger, Alameda County Sheriff's Office & Michael Joseph Ferenc, M.D., Alameda County's Chief Pathologist & Erin Dunkley, Acting Supervising Criminalist, Alameda County Sheriff's & Sergeant Richard Macintire, Alameda County Sheriff's Office  (Click name for Bio)
1600-1700 on 09/08/2017
  Description: On December 2, 2016, the city of Oakland experienced a tragic fire. This presentation will cover the Alameda County Sheriff's Office Coroner's Bureau response and mission to that incident. They will also discuss the work done by the Office of Emergency Services in the search and recovery of victims.